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City of Deer Park Sidewalk Program


The City of Deer Park is pleased to offer its residents reimbursement for replacing their broken sidewalks through its 2014 Sidewalk Program.

As a walking school district and a small city where many folks like to walk their pets, jog or walk to the grocery or church we want to improve the safety of our sidewalks by making it more affordable for residents to replace sidewalk panels that are broken or uneven.   So in the 2014 budget we have allocated $2,500 toward sidewalk reimbursements.

Please take advantage of this offer before the money is gone.  At least one contractor has offered discount pricing if we can get at a quantity of at least 40 sidewalk panels to be fixed at one time, so get together with your neighbors and fellow residents to save even more!

The program works like this: residents will submit an application and choose a bonded contractor.  The city will inspect prior to and after pouring the cement.  The resident will submit their receipt for reimbursement after the job is completed.   

The scale of reimbursement is as follows:

ˇ         projects up to $400 reimbursed at 50%

ˇ         projects $400-750 reimbursed at $250

ˇ         projects $750-1,000 reimbursed $300

ˇ         projects over $1,000 reimbursed $400

ˇ         corners over 90 running feet reimbursed on an individual case basis

Residents doing the work themselves can receive compensation for materials used.  Brochures with detailed information will be available at the city building 7777 Blue Ash Road or call (513) 794-8860.

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